The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to describe how we may collect, use, distribute, store, and protect any personal information you provide to Republic of Fighting, also referred to as ROF throughout this document. It applies to all ROF applications, tools, and services.

Any time you access our website or utilize services we provide, you signify your agreement and acceptance of our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy. You are also providing your consent for ROF to collect, use, distribute, store, and protect your personal information per the methods lined out in this Privacy Policy.

Global Privacy Standards

Binding Corporate Rules, or BCRs, are global privacy standards that reach around the world to protect personal information. ROF adheres to these BCRs as part of our commitment to keep your personal information safe regardless of how or where this information is collected, processed, or stored.

Collection of Personal Information

We will collect, use, and store personal information from you and any devices you may use when you use the services we provide, register an account with us, provide us with information via the internet, update the information in your account, add information to your account, or participate in any discussions, forums, or chats. We also reserve the right to collect, use, and store information provided to us via correspondence when it regards our website or service.

Use and Storage of Personal Information

The information ROF collects from you will be used to provide services to you, improve upon the services we offer, provide you with a more personalized experience, contact you regarding your account and any services, provide you with customer service or dispute resolution, to personalize our marketing efforts, and to prevent or detect any illegal or otherwise fraudulent activities.

Your Choices

ROF provides you with choices regarding how we use your personal information to communicate with you, whether for marketing or other purposes. We also allow you to choose whether you stay logged into your account.

  • Communication Preferences – Within your account, you can choose how we may contact you, update your password, and more.
  • Marketing – You can unsubscribe from any marketing communications you receive from us through your account or by contacting our customer service.
  • Advertising – If you do not want to receive personalized advertisements, opt-out by following the instructions within that ad. Third parties will not track or collect any personal information you provide to ROF without your explicit consent.
  • Staying Signed In – You may have the option to stay signed into your ROF account for a certain period of time. While signed in, you can list, enquire about, and manage ads. You can also view your account and your profile, post messages on forums or chats, and communicate with other members.
  • Withdrawal of Consent – You have a right to withdraw previous consent to use or disclose your personal information as set forth by this Privacy Policy. Should you choose to exercise that right, remember that you may not be able to access all parts of the site and the services provided by ROF.

Access to Personal Information

ROF takes the necessary steps to ensure that any information we collect is correct and up-to-date. You have the ability to access your personal information and make corrections to it as needed. However, keep in mind that public postings may not be able to be changed or removed. If you request to close your account, we will do so and remove any visible information as quickly as possible.

Disclosure of Your Information

ROF may disclose information about you to certain third parties. This may be necessary in order for ROF to provide you with access to the services you request, to comply with the law, to enforce our Terms of Use, to help with our marketing activities, or to detect and stop any fraudulent or illegal activities related to the use of the website. When this is necessary, we only provide the necessary personal information.

ROF will never disclose your personal information to third parties for the purpose of marketing and/or advertising without your direct consent.


ROF uses appropriate technical and administrative security measures to keep your personal information secure at all times. This reduces the risk of loss, disclosure, alteration, and unauthorized access. We use things like data encryption, firewalls, physical access limits within our data centers, and authorization controls to keep your information safe.

Other Important Information

When you share your personal information on ROF, remember that other users may be able to access certain things such as ratings, reviews, feedback, comments, forum posts, and information you chose to share on your profile. Though we limit the amount of information other parties can see, in some cases, such as when you are involved in a transaction with a third party, that party may have access to your name, email address, and other contact information.

You may not add other ROF users to your mailing or calling list without their express consent, even if that user purchased a service from you.

Although this website is intended for a general audience, the services we provide are not intended for minors. We will never knowingly collect information from anyone under the legal age of adulthood.

Please bear in mind that this Privacy Policy only covers the personal information you choose to provide ROF. If you provide your information to a third party, that party’s Privacy Policy will explain how your information is used, stored, distributed, and protected. We do not guarantee the privacy and security of your information once you have given it to a third party, even if you found that third party through ROF.