When you access or visit ROF, you agree that our authorized service providers may use cookies, web beacons, and other technologies to help you enjoy a better, faster, and safer experience. These technologies may also be used for advertising. This Cookie Policy will help you learn more about these technologies and how they are used.

Cookies and similar technologies have various functions. They help ROF work better by improving website performance, providing you with functionalities as you use the site, or providing you with more relevant and targeted advertisements. We use cookies and similar technologies that remain on your device for only while your browser is active, and we may use other cookies that remain on your device even after you close your browser. You can block cookies and similar technologies within most web browsers.

ROF keeps you safe with security measures that prevent anyone from accessing these cookies and other technologies. We use unique identifiers that encrypt the data so that only ROF and our authorized service providers can use or interpret the information stored within.

A service provider is a company that helps us maintain our business. We may use some authorized service providers to help deliver ads on our services, and these providers may also use cookies of their own. Those cookies are covered under those service providers’ own policies.

What are Cookies?

Almost every website today uses a variety of technologies that allows it to record certain pieces of information when you interact with that site.

Cookies are very small text files placed in your browser’s memory that allow a website to recognize your device. There are several types of cookies.

  • Session cookies – These expire when you close your browser. These allow ROF to understand your actions only while you were logged on during a single session.
  • Persistent cookies – These remain on your device even after you close your browser and they typically allow our site to remember any preferences you set, such as the preference to remember your password.

First party cookies are those set directly by ROF. These cookies are covered under our policies. Third party cookies are set by our service providers. These are covered under those providers’ policies.

Most browsers will allow you to disable cookies. If you want to disable cookies, please follow your browser developer’s instructions for doing so.

Web Beacons are like cookies but they are small graphic images instead of text files. They work alongside cookies to identify you and the way you use our site.

Other Technologies that store information in your browser or device can operate across all browsers and may not be fully managed by your browser. ROF does not use these technologies to store information or to target you with ads.

Your Choice

Some of the services and features provided by ROF are only available to you when you allow cookies and other technologies. While you can block, delete, or disable cookies and other technologies in most browsers, please be aware that you may not be able to take full advantage of everything ROF has to offer you. Failing to allow cookies and similar technologies may also require you to reenter your password or other information every time you choose to view our site or log into your account.

Please be aware that cookies, web beacons, and other technologies used by ROF do not store personally identifiable information. Rather, they store general information about your use of our website. These technologies are encrypted in such a way that only ROF can identify them.

Categories of Technology Use

When we use cookies, web beacons, or other technologies, this use will fall into one of four categories.

  • Necessary for Operation – Some of the technologies we use are necessary to operate the ROF website and its services. Some of these allow you to access and use our site, and others allow us to protect our site and users from fraud and security issues.
  • Related to Performance – Some technologies collect generic data about your use of our site. We then analyze this data from multiple users to understand how they access and use our site. This allows us to improve the way ROF performs.
  • Related to Functionality – Cookies, web beacons, and other technologies may provide you with enhanced functionality as you use our site. For example, they may remember your passwords or your preferences, allowing us to provide you with better content.
  • Advertising or Targeting Related – Finally, some of these technologies may be used to deliver ads that are targeted to your interests. You can opt out of these, but this does not mean you will no longer see advertisements. The advertisements you see after opting out may no longer be relevant to your interests.

Use of These Technologies by Third Parties

Third-party companies and service providers may be authorized to place cookies and other technologies on our site to allow us to provide you with a safer, faster, and overall better user experience. They may use these technologies to help us deliver our ads or to help us compile anonymous data for analysis to improve our site. None of these third parties may collect any personally identifiable information about you. They are subject to strict agreements with us as well as legal restrictions on their collection or use of any personal information.

We do not allow anyone placing a listing on ROF to use cookies, web beacons, or other technologies to collect your personal information.

Use of Third-Party Advertising Networks

ROF may utilize third parties and third-party networks to deliver advertisements to you as you visit our site. These providers may use their own cookies and technologies to assist us. They may collect non-personally identifiable information about you, including your device identifier and IP address. Any cookies placed by third parties are covered under those parties’ respective Privacy Policies.